Validity of Inmate’s Testimony Questioned in Levy CaseGuandique

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pandora jewellery At the time, he was serving 10 years in prison for attacking two other women in Rock Creek Park.Lawyers Detail Reasons for New Chandra Levy TrialBut prosecutors lacked hard evidence against him, presenting neither eyewitnesses nor DNA evidence. The prosecution admitted evidence was mishandled as the early investigation focused on Condit.A jury found Guandique guilty in November 2010 on two charges of felony murder in Levy’s death.Validity of Inmate’s Testimony Questioned in Levy CaseGuandique was sentenced to 60 years, when he was 29.”I only have one thing to say,” he said at his sentencing, through an interpreter. „I feel sorry for what happened to Chandra Levy, but I had nothing to do with it.” He had his head bowed and was crying.UpdatedWitness in Levy Case May Have Lied Under OathHe was granted a new trial in 2015 after his attorneys argued a key witness gave false or misleading testimony.Guandique’s conviction was based primarily on the testimony of Guandique’s former cellmate Armando Morales, who said Guandique told him he was responsible for Levy’s death pandora jewellery.

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